7 March 2015

An Introduction

Hello. My name is Sonja and I am a 19 years old girl from Serbia. So,  I should probably start this introduction post by telling you what this blog is going to be about. But, if I’m honest, I’m still not quite sure. I guess that I just felt a little lost lately. With starting university this year and all. Not being sure if I’m as content with my choices as I should be, or if this is my life calling. But do we actually have just one life calling? I guess I’m just having all those problems and thoughts that all of us have at one point. But that’s just life, right? Not being sure where you’re going, but still believing that there’s light on the end of the tunnel. But sometimes it feels hard to believe. I guess that’s just a part of growing up. It comes and goes,  like a tide. The thing is that we never stop growing, at least not intellectually. So that feeling of misdirection never actually disappears. That's probbably the main reason I decided to start this blog. I felt like I needed a space for myself, for my thoughts. That’s why I don’t feel like I can truly define this blog. If I continue writing content, and I really hope I will, there will be things related to fashion, food, books, travel, DIY and, well, all those tiny thoughts. This blog will represent me, in some way. That’s the reason why it can’t be easily defined. As you can’t define a human being because of hers or his complex personality, and yes, I do believe that every person is unique, interesting and complex in hers or his own way, you can’t completely define this blog. Maybe an attribute lifestyle is most likely to be used, but I guess we’ll see as time goes. But, does it really matter? Why did we developed that need of defining everything? Some things are just better left undefined. I suppose you now somewhat know the reason why this blog exists. I genuinely hope you enjoy it’s content, and I wish you all the best.

Lots of love,



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