7 March 2015

Vienna Day One

Less then a month ago me and my friend Sara decided to take a trip to Vienna together. It was right after i finished all my tests for the first semester and i really felt like i needed to take a break from my student life for a few days. So we packed our bags and were on our way. We arrived around ten in the morning on Saturday, and were planing to stay until Tuesday. I was really excited for this trip for various reasons, like the architecture, culture, food (well, of course?) etc. Since i was really busy right before we were about to start our journey, i didn't have time to plan our trip as much as i wanted to. But sometimes being spontanouse and flexibal can be way more interesting. We stayed at a very cool hotel with a hipster vibe called Meininger Downtown Franz. After we left our bags at hotel, we were determined to find our way to the city centre and get something to eat as soon as possible because we were starving. At the end we sat down for a quick brunch in the first Starbucks we saw.


I had a Caffe Latte and a chicken wrap, and Sara had an espresso and an egg muffin

So after we filled our tummies we started planning

And posing while planning

And after all of that we headed over to Naschmakret. For those of you who don't know what Naschmarket is, well it's like a mixture of a farmers market and restaurants. It reminded me of the markets in Barcelona. On Saturday it expands, and where the food market ends a flea market begins. And we have been told that it is one of the biggest flea markets in Europe. Being there on a Saturday was such an incredible experience. It was crowded with people who were talking, laughing, enjoying the beautiful weather. It was filled with beautiful smells of all kinds of food. From the traditional Austrian, to delicious Vegan food. The tables of the restaurants were set on the street, so while you were walking through the market you were watching people eat and drink. It is a really weird experience, but i feel like it's getting people together, it's letting you be a part of the energetic market atmosphere even when you are sitting and eating.


The flea market was also really interesting, it had a lot of interesting records, books (unfortunately, most of them were in german, no surprise), camera equipment, bags and so on. 

On the right side we were able to see two beautiful buildings from Otto Wagner. It was a really strange feeling seeing those two buildings (and also the Karlsplatz form Otto Wagner, and the Secession Building from Joseph Maria Olbrich). Probably because i saw a lot of photos of these buildings, and believe me, there is a huge difference in seeing them on a photo and seeing them with your own eyes.

On our way back to the hotel we decided to to an outfit of the day photo shoot:

Soon after that has been crossed of our list, we saw this beautiful modern flower shop and we just had to go in and take a few photos.

coat - Massimo Dutti
 fur - Stefanel
tights - Zara
bag - Jones

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Lots of love,

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